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On being Creative

I have been told I am "so creative" for as long as I can remember. I never really knew what to do with that. I never felt a strong pull to one area of creativity and often doubted myself for not honing in and mastering one. Instead, I have meandered from one thing to another, cultivating a whole bucket of tools. I intentionally included “creative” in my business name to include all of my creative adventures, not just what’s professionally on my resume or in my portfolio.

Throughout this journey, I have realized some things. One of which is that everyone is creative. Some people are just more tapped in and aware of it. It isn’t something someone has or doesn’t have. For some reason, we have just created these constricting definitions. Creativity is life, and life is creativity. It isn’t just for artists, musicians, and writers. Everyone is creative.

“Whether we know it or not, we’re a conduit for the universe. Material is allowed through us. If we are a clear channel, our intention reflects the intention of the cosmos." --Rick Ruben

Last week, I just finished The Creative Act: A Way of Being by Rick Ruben, and it has given me a whole new appreciation and perspective of what it means to be creative. I’ll try not to go too far into paraphrasing the entire book, but one of my favorite ideas he discusses is that everything exists in the universe, and we are conduits to give it life, to bring it to existence.

“If you have an idea you are excited about and you don’t bring it to life, it’s not uncommon for that idea to find its voice through another maker.” --Rick Ruben

If we are inspired and ignore the opportunity, it will find another way to come to fruition. This concept has been buzzing around my brain for a week and has reignited momentum on several ideas and projects I put on hold because I have been too scared or doubted myself. I get paralyzed by comparison and perfection, which leads me into a fixed mindset instead of being open and fluid and letting go of my urge to control everything. So, this book has opened me to take some things off the back burner or “someday” list and bring them to fruition, so stay tuned.

I also owe credit to my little craft group. We get together weekly and spend a few hours trying something new or sharing a skill we have. It has been monumental in helping me break out of my self-sabotaging mindset and fear of sucking at new things. It has been such a liberating experience. Nobody cares if your macrame knots are uneven or your homemade paper is lumpy. It is just about the time and space we share dedicated to creating.

Creativity can be expressed in so many ways— what are unusual ways you showcase your creativity?

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