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I have been a visual communicator since 1997, when I was introduced to video productions, web, and graphic design in high school. I have always been a creative and imaginative individual, but I never knew what to do with it until those first visual communication classes. 

Since then, I have pursued this passion and earned an associate of art in 2003, a bachelor of fine art with an emphasis in visual communications in 2006, and have worked in graphic design, marketing, and communications. I tend to go above and beyond my job duties which led me beyond graphic design and into more strategic planning, marketing & communications and inspired me to pursue a master's of professional communication, which I completed in December 2020. 

After moving back to my hometown in Southeast Idaho, I decided to take a chance on myself and established
SHEmerson Creative in the fall of 2022 to pursue my freelance career.

Review my resume for more about my education and work experience.

My portfolio will show the range of what I can do.

Check out the services I offer. 

There is a (currently not up-to-date) blog where I write about projects, processes, and puns... if you are into that stuff. 

I'd love to help you with content creation, brand development & management, marketing, or communication strategy. Please fill out the intake form or email me at, and we can get started on finding creative solutions that fit your needs. 

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